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Public Service

To allow access to fitness
to as many people as possible

Fitness plays an important role in our health as well as our mental health. It allows us to have a more efficient heart, a reduction in joint pain, a better quality of sleep, and a general well-being that has a positive effect on our mind, thus reducing our health expenses.


Unfortunately, access to this type of infrastructure requires, in 2022, an average budget of £39 per month and to be close to a gym. These gyms are mainly located in big cities and are often too crowded.

Balle de poids
Fit femme
A low-cost solution

Train'Box's mission is to provide public services with a low-cost fitness facility that allows residents to have access to a box with gym-like equipment in complete safety, making the city more attractive and modern.

A tailor-made box.

Ranging from 28 to 56 m², our boxes are designed to adapt to your requirements and the needs of the inhabitants of your town.
All the equipment we offer in our boxes are professional guided machines that allow you to work all the muscle groups.


A personalized coaching application.

Our application allows you to offer your users their own coach on the application.

Unlike a gym coach, you pay per session, our digital coach adapts to each profile and allows you to train according to your level. The application is adapted to the machines available in your Train'Box.

That's not all, our application can also be used at home.

An autonomous room.

Our application also allows you to set up a reservation system with time slots. Thanks to the badge, users can access the containers. The advantage of this system is that you can monitor all the data of your box remotely in real time.


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