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Stand out from your competitors

The growth of fitness is increasing every year.




By including fitness in your real estate projects, you are adding an extra service that will satisfy this growing demand and set you apart from your competitors while avoiding additional construction.


Why adopt it?



Our product allows you to offer a modern, innovative and easy to use gym that does not require any staff.


It can be installed quickly and allows you to add an extra service to the sales proposal for your future property projects

A customised box.

Ranging from 28 to 56 m², our Train'boxes are designed to adapt to your needs and wishes.
All the equipment inside the box allows you to work the whole body.


An autonomous gym

The machines in our boxes do not require a coach in our structures. Our application proposes to people who wish to have a digital coach who will ensure a follow-up and will propose many exercises allowing to reach the objective fixed by the person.

An additional offer


As fitness is an increasingly popular activity, offering a fitness room to your projects adds an asset to your projects compared to your competitors


A response to a need

Today, more and more people practice or want to practice fitness and our Train'Boxes meet this need by offering a gym incorporated into your property projects.
This adds value to your construction project without having to build a new building for the purpose.


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