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Sport on Holiday

The practice of fitness is booming nowadays. The growth of this practice continues to increase every year.



This is why many people who wish to go on holiday nowadays choose an establishment or a residence that offers fitness services.



In this context, Train'Box helps tourism professionals to equip themselves to better meet their requirements and those of their customers.


Make the difference 

Train'Box allows you to purchase an additional service that you can add to your catalogue of activities.



Our products are adapted to your needs with a very short delivery time.



With our Box, set yourself apart from your competitors by offering an innovative, safe and rapidly amortisable service.

A customised box.


Ranging from 28 to 56 m², our Train'boxes are designed to adapt to your needs and wishes.
All the equipment inside the box allows you to work the whole body.


An additional offer


With Train'Box you can differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering an innovative and CSR solution.  It will allow you to increase the quality of the customer experience and also to add a new activity to your catalogue of offers.

No extra costs

Thanks to our machines, our rooms are completely self-sufficient, which saves you
the cost of hiring staff.


Quick to set up

Your Train'box will be delivered and installed within 8 to 16 weeks.



Thank you for what you sent !

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