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Become your own manager

Working in a private gym can be a source of constraints for you.

Indeed, you have to adapt to the gym's schedule. Then come into play the costs of using the gym, which constitute an important expense (the user fees and the percentage of your turnover).

In addition, the number of people in the gym means that you have to adapt or even change the sessions with your customers at the last minute.

A customised service

With Train'Box you can create your own customised gym at a lower cost and more quickly than a traditional gym.


Train'Box supports sports coaches in designing their own gym

A customised box.


Ranging from 28 to 56 m², our Train'box are designed to adapt to your needs and wishes.
All the equipment inside the box allows you to work the whole body.


A session just the way you want it.

With your box you can develop a training session tailored to your client without being constrained by the use of other users' machines.

Better management

Train'Box allows you to manage your schedule as you wish, set your own prices per session, set up your gym as you wish and, above all, not pay a fee to a gym.


A competent and quick service to set up

We offer a complete service with a customised design of your gym, as well as a study of your profitability.
your profitability.
Your Train'Box will be delivered and installed within 12 to 16 weeks.


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