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Protecting the health of your employees 

Playing sport is a real asset for the company. In fact, according to the Ministry of Sport, practising sport in the workplace is highly recommended.


It has been found that people who practise a sporting activity during their working day feel fitter and more productive.



When a company provides sports facilities for its employees, this has a positive effect on everyone 

réunion d'affaires
A considerable impact on the company

For the employee :


  • Well-being at work

  • Reduction of physical inactivity at work

  • Prevention of illnesses, especially those related to stress

  • Recognition of the well-being implemented by the company.

For the company :

  • Increased productivity (6 to 9% gain in productivity)

  • Increased profitability (4 to 14% more profitability).

  • Significantly reduced absenteeism at work (between 30 and 40%)

  • Better team cohesion

A customised box.

Ranging from 28 to 56 m², our Train'boxes are designed to adapt to your needs and wishes.
All the equipment inside the box allows you to work the whole body.


An application for your sessions.

Our application allows you to have your own coach on the application. Unlike a general coach that you pay for per session, our digital coach adapts to each profile and allows you to practice the exercises you want thanks to the machines available in your Train'box.

Personalized follow-up.

Our application will give you a follow-up of your evolution as well as the sports statistics made during your sports sessions. Thanks to this solution you will reach your goals faster.

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An application compatible with several sports.


You are away from home and still want to do sports?
Don't worry, our application has over 50 hours of training videos.
And if you have Nike Running Club or Adidas Runastic you can import your data into our application and add it to your general tracking.


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