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High-level sports practice requires repeating the same movements and perfecting each one of them so that they become fluid, perfect and intuitive.

In addition to technical training, muscle strengthening is crucial.
It helps to improve performance: to become stronger, more explosive by training the right muscles
and thus prevent injuries.

Poor physical preparation will impact on the quality and results of the year and will increase the risk of injury.
will increase the risk of injury.

Homme faisant des pompes
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Our Train'Box are fully equipped with professional machines that are adapted to the
biomechanics of the body.



Our products are adaptable to best meet your needs.


Today, muscle strengthening has become more than necessary in order to be competitive in high-level sport.


For this reason, it is often necessary to carry out work in order to set up a muscle strengthening room.

A customised box.


Ranging from 28 to 56 m², our Train'box are designed to adapt to your needs and wishes.
All the equipment inside the box allows you to work the whole body.


Personalized follow-up.

Our application will give your employees a follow-up of their evolution as well as the sports statistics made during their sports sessions. Thanks to this solution the company will gain recognition from its employees

An application for your sessions.


Our application allows you to have your own coach on the application. Unlike a general coach that you pay per session, our digital coach adapts to each profile and allows you to practice the exercises you want thanks to the machines available in your Train'box.

An application for the home too.


Are your employees working from home?
No problem, our application allows your employee to do his or her workout from home. With more than 50 hours of video coaching, the person can even do their workout from home.

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